btn-back-purple.png Healthy Hair Maintenance

Healthy Hair Maintenance should be a proactive and not a reactive practice. Too often consumers wait until their hair is extremely damaged before seeking the help of a licensed cosmetologist. Trichology is the scientific study of hair, hair care and its diseases. It takes years to master and understand how to properly care for the hair and treat the conditions of the hair and scalp. If your client is experiencing severe problems be sure to recommend a dermatologist that can diagnose conditions and provide prescription medication.

Take special precautions to ensure that you’re being proactive every day in your hair care practices. Sanitation and disinfecting tools will ensure that conditions are not spread from client to client. Be sure to clean all of your combs, brushes, hair rollers and tools including blow dryer attachments, flat irons and curling irons. Cleaning your tools can prevent irritations caused by unclean items, and cleaning your heated tools will prevent the hair from smelling like burned hair.

Even healthy hair needs regular treatments to maintain health. The first step in healthy hair maintenance is to provide clients with recommended products and instructions for their home maintenance between salon visits. Using the proper conditioning, styling and finishing agents between salon services will keep styles longer and continue to add moisture until the next salon service. You must alsco incorporate monthly or bi-monthly professional strength protein, moisture and/or shine treatments that you can customize to each client. This allows clients to see, experience and understand the value of professional salon services.

Finally, you will want to offer retail products to your clients. Systems work best when clients can use the same products that you use. Design Essentials products are designed and tested to work together, so using the entire system will allow you to guarantee your work and provide your clients with long-lasting results.