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Social Responsibility
At Design Essentials, we believe in the power of community and charity. That's why we're supporting the Chadian women and other African villages by donating proceeds from every bottle sold directly back to their communities, and proudly source our ingredients fair trade African importers.
To date, we've contributed over $4,000 in donations and resources to directly improve the quality of living for this local community

The Story of Chébé

For centuries, women of the Basara tribe in Chad, Africa have accredited Chébé Powder as their secret to attaining healthy hair well beyond their waist. They have graciously shared their ancient tradition, helping create this naturally derived product, designed to help achieve astonishing length by miraculously combating key inhibitors of growth - dryness, breakage, and damaged hair.

Chébé is a natural organic mixture of cherry seeds, cloves, lavender crotons, stone scent and resin tree sap, ground into a fine brown powder. It’s traditionally mixed with water or oil, creating a mask-like paste which is then applied to the hair shaft, braided, and left in until the next wash day, where the process is then repeated.

With their permission, we’ve created a special collection inspired by their practice, just for coily and curly textured hair. Designed to help achieve your favorite natural styles and promote healthy hair growth at the same time, the African Chébé Growth Collection is the secret to strength and length retention.