Hair Myths

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Dandruff shampoo will strip relaxers. Most anti-dandruff shampoos have an active ingredient to control the symptoms associated with dandruff. The active ingredient in Design Essentials Therapeutics Anti-Itch Shampoo is Pyrithione Zinc (2.0%), which will not strip relaxers. Formulated with moisturizing agents as well, the product is designed to control flaking, itching and irritation caused by scalp conditions such as Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis while depositing moisture into the hair.
Dirty hair grows faster than clean hair. Clean hair is better for the hair and scalp. There is no scientific data that suggests dirty hair grows faster. On average hair grows .44mm per day. Buildup of products and oils can cause severe scalp problems if not properly cleansed on a regular basis, which could inhibit hair growth.
Split ends can be repaired. Split ends can be repaired by clipping them and preventing them from causing damage to the rest of the hair strand. Hair should be cut or trimmed once every 6 weeks.
Shears don’t make a difference when cutting hair; any type of scissors can be used. Professional shears do make a difference in the precision of a haircut. Dull unsharpened shears can drag and pull the hair strands which can prevent proper movement and precision in the finished look.
Professional products are no different than nonprofessional products. Professional products like Design Essentials have a higher concentration which requires less product to be used. In addition, higher quality ingredients are used to ensure that the products are safe and will deliver based on brand promise – preserving the health and integrity of the hair.
It doesn’t matter what type of shampoo you use as long as you use a good conditioner. Shampoos come in four basic categories: Clarifying, Moisturizing, Neutralizing and Special Care or Treatment. Clarifying shampoos are great for removing product build up and chlorine. Moisturizing shampoos helps to detangle the hair and adds special conditioners to smooth the cuticle layer of the hair. Neutralizing shampoos stop the chemical relaxing process and must be used during the relaxing process. Neutralizing shampoos also contains an agent that indicates the pH of the hair; the shampoo is pink until all of the relaxer has been removed from the hair. Special Care or Treatment shampoos are used for color treated hair and/or scalp issues. Selecting the right shampoo is imperative in getting the best possible results.
It is okay to relax edges every two weeks. The temple areas should not be relaxed every two weeks. Normally the density of the hair is lower around the edges, and it is almost impossible to prevent over processing if the hair is relaxed every two weeks. Professional stylists can give you the appearance of a relaxer by using special techniques, styling tools and professional products.
It is safe to use heated tools on the hair every day. Heat damage can occur as a result of over-use or misusing heated tools like flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. Misuse can also lead to hair breakage and shedding. To maintain your thermal style, it is best to pin curl or wrap your hair and secure with a satin head wrap at night. This will allow you to preserve your thermal style without putting too much heat in your hair.

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