Curl Type

de-banner-curl-type.pngWhat Is Your Curl Type?

Get to know your beautiful waves, curls, and coils! You can use this helpful guide to learn more about your natural curl type. We’ll also share the common concerns associated with each hair type, and the right solutions to address them.  


curltype-model-2b.jpg  curltype-model-3a.jpg  curltype-model-3b.jpg
2B – Loose Wavy 2C – Wavy with Curls 3A – Curly With Loops 3B – Curly With Spirals
 curltype-model-3c.jpg  curltype-model-4a.jpg  curltype-model-4b.jpg  curltype-model-4c.jpg
3C – Curly With Coils 4A – Coiled with Spring 4B – Tightly Coiled 4C – Tightly Coiled with Zig-Zag

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