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  • Straight & Relaxed Hair Style Bundle

    Straight & Relaxed Style Bundle

    Design Essentials

    Our Design Essentials Straight & Relaxed Style Bundle is a classic combo of customer favs leaving your hair soft as silk! This combination is great for relaxed straight to tightly coiled, color-treated, and fine to coarse hair types. Whether you...

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  • pHusion MultiWand- Ideal for Relaxer, Color, and Texturizer, Deep Conditioning Applications

    pHusion MultiWand Applicator Tool

    Design Essentials

    The pHusion® MultiWand is a professional grade, quick-disconnect, multi-functional applicator tool ideal for relaxer, color, texturizer, and deep conditioning applications. This lightweight tool makes applications faster, cleaner and easier...

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  • Salon Classic Hair & Scalp Therapy

    Salon Classic Hair + Scalp Therapy

    Design Essentials

    Protect your strands from the elements of harsh, cold weather with our Salon Classic Hair + Scalp Therapy, salon staples amongst the pros now bundled as a value pack. This dynamic duo focuses on infusing moisture, moisture, and more moisture to help...

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