pHusion 2-in-1 Satin Hair Bonnet Plus



The only satin bonnet with a sleep mask that stays on, maintains hair, and provides relaxation.

The pHusion® 2-in-1 Luxury Hair Bonnet with a Sleep Mask is a stretchable fabric that reigns superior over all other bonnets. This bonnet has a gentle and stress-free satin stretchable band that keeps hair tucked in place and has more cubic space for longer and natural hair than other bonnets. The patent-pending stay on connecting system is a two 2-in-1 sleep mask that is attached to the satin bonnet.

The combined use of a sleep mask and headdress leads to undisturbed sleep. When wearing the sleep mask darkness signals the body to produce more melatonin, which regulates your body's internal sleep/wake cycle. Get your pHusion headdress to aid in better sleep and easier mornings today!

The pHusion® Luxury Headdress Collection features and benefits

  • Patent-pending stay on connecting system with sleep mask
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Keeps hair polished
  • Works great for long hair or extensions
  • Maintains salon finished hairstyles
  • Promotes undisturbed sleep and manageable hair

*Product color may transfer on penetrable materials; recommend washing before use.