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Styling Mousse vs. Styling Lotion: How to Choose The Best Platinum Styling Product According To Your Fine, Normal or Coarse Hair

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Styling just got easier for you and your hairstylist thanks to the new Design Essentials Platinum Styling Mousse and concentrated Styling Lotion.

Exclusive to the innovative Design Essentials Platinum Styling Collection, both styling products are specially formulated with Marshmallow extract to rejuvenate, moisturize, and strengthen your hair when creating long-lasting wraps, sets, molds, and curl enhancing styles.

Now you may be wondering - When should I use the Styling Mousse vs. Styling Lotion?

In this blog, we break it down by hair texture. So, keep reading to find out how to choose the best styling products according to your fine, normal, or coarse hair.

But first, let's quickly review the definition of hair texture; which is the circumference or diameter of a hair strand, often characterized by:

  • Fine (small diameter, usually fragile),
  • Normal(medium diameter, most universal texture), or
  • Thick/Coarse (large diameter, usually strong)

[caption id="attachment_33248" align="aligncenter" width="450"] Diagram of Fine, Normal, and Coarse hair textures.[/caption]

Now that we've covered the basics, let's proceed...

If Your Hair Texture Is Fine to Normal Use Design Essentials Platinum Styling Mousse.

Fine to normal hair textures require very little styling product. In fact, less is best to avoid weighing down the hair, so we recommend opting for the Styling Mousse since it provides a light to medium hold without flaking or product buildup yet will leave your strands feeling soft and hydrated with a vibrant, healthy shine.

If you adorn a short length cut and/or tapered style the Styling Mousse was created for you! Simply apply a generous amount of the Styling Mousse to clean, towel dried hair and proceed to mold or wave. Let hair dry completely under a hooded dryer, then style hair as desired.

For textured short styles that require a twist or rod set, apply the Styling Mousse generously to clean, damp hair and comb through. Proceed to twist or rod into desired style. Let hair dry completely, then separate set and style as desired.

Side view of beautifully styled designer cut using Design Essentials Styling Mousse to set and mold.

Back view of designer cut using Design Essentials Styling Mousse to set and mold.

If you have medium to long hair (with a fine to normal texture), the Styling Mousse is your new go-to when defining natural waves or curls minus frizz, product residue, or that hard crunchy feel. Making it perfect for wash and go's. Just apply the Styling Mousse generously to wet hair and comb or finger through into the desired style. Allow hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser. Proceed to lift and style.

Create long-lasting definition and body on natural curls using Design Essentials Platinum Styling Collection! Photo Credit: @vcoral87

When creating more defined textured styles (like roller, rod, or twist sets) on medium to long hair, consider using Design Essentials Platinum Concentrated Styling Lotion since you can achieve flawless sets with the right diluted formula. Keep reading to learn more….

If Your Hair Texture Is Normal to Coarse Use Design Essentials Platinum Concentrated Styling Lotion.

We particularly love this quick drying concentrated Styling Lotion because it can be diluted to provide styling flexibility ideal when creating highly defined, full bodied rod, roller, or twist sets on normal to coarse hair textures (regardless of length).

But it’s all about diluting properly based on the Formula Guide For Sets & Holds:

  • For a soft hold on fine textured hair, mix 1 oz. Styling Lotion to 4 oz. of Water.
  • For a medium hold on normal textured hair, mix 1 oz. Styling Lotion to 2 oz. – 3 oz. Water.
  • For a firm hold on natural thick/coarse textured hair, mix 1 oz. Styling Lotion to 0 oz. – 1 oz. Water.

After diluting the Styling Lotion to your desired concentration in a spray bottle. Spray evenly onto clean, towel dried hair and proceed to set hair using rods or rollers of your choice. Use a hooded dryer to allow hair to dry completely. Then separate set and style as desired.

Rod set + Design Essentials Platinum Styling Collection = EVERYTHING! Photo Credit: @curlbossunlimited

We hope this blog has provided you with great detail on how to choose between the Platinum Styling Mousse vs. Styling Lotion according to your fine, normal, or coarse hair texture. When using any new Design Essentials product, never hesitate to ask your stylist for pro advice to ensure you're using the product correctly to slay your everyday style.

Ask your hairstylist about purchasing styling products from the new Design Essentials Platinum Styling Collection or click here to locate a professional stylist in your area. For more information, please visit designessentials.com.

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