Mastering Short Hair Styles: 5 Pro Tips from Gillian Garcia

Mastering Short Hair Styles: 5 Pro Tips from Gillian Garcia

Posted by Sholanda Armstrong on Nov 1st 2019

Short hair styles are trending, and the scissor-happy love won't be slowing down anytime soon. From celebrity chops, to pixies, tapers, and asymmetrical bobs, clients are booking transformation appointments in record numbers.

Gillian Garcia aka @artistry4gg is one of New York and Los Angeles’ most sought-after veteran stylists, hair educators, and an Instagram sensation! Gillian is known for her impeccable scissor work, curling skills, and sculpting techniques. Her ability to transform tresses has garnered her an A-list client roster, with salon appointments booked through August 2018.

Gillian’s artistry has gone viral, catapulting her from salon stylist to social media sensation. In a recent Technique Tuesday video, we went behind the scenes with Gillian and locked in on some of her biggest tips for prepping, cutting, and styling short hair.

Grab a seat as we uncover 5 pro tips from Gillian Garcia on mastering short hair styling:

Tip #1: Flash Texturize

For short cuts, longevity of style is important. Most women go short not only seeking a change of pace, but to significantly reduce the amount of time spent styling and maintaining hair. Because natural hair reverts at the first sign of moisture, Gillian recommends using the Design Essentials Lo-Lye Relaxer to perform a flash texturizer that will assist in the maintenance and longevity of short styles, without completely removing texture from the hair.

Processing the Lo-Lye Relaxer for 3 minutes or less will ensure the hair retains some texture without over-processing. Gillian can’t stress this enough – 3 minutes is the maximum processing time. The goal is to soften the natural curl pattern without completely removing it.

Tip #2: Neutralize with Conditioner before Shampoo

During a traditional relaxer service, the first step after rinsing the relaxer is to apply a neutralizing shampoo. For short cuts, Gillian recommends using the Design Essentials 6-n-1 Honey Reconstructing Conditioner to further strengthen and hydrate the hair before shampooing. This strengthens and reinforces the hair against more manipulation during shampooing and styling, while keeping it moisturized, shiny, and soft.

Tip #3: Point Cut

Every pro has their own cutting techniques, but when it comes to creating texture and movement in the longest parts of a short cut, point-cutting is Gillian’s go-to. Point cutting helps create a feathered edge on the hair, removing some bulk from the ends to create better movement. The end result is a style that flows, lays, and shapes better.

Tip #4: Switch Up the Curls

Gillian’s biggest secret for jaw-dropping short cuts that keep clients coming back for more is how she chooses to place the curls in the final style. Rather than curl all in one direction, Gillian alternates her curls from left to right, creating texture and adding volume for fly finished results.

Tip #5: Swap Clippers for a Blade

Speaking of cutting, when was the last time you picked up a blade? Gillian’s advice – get familiar! Many stylists working with short cuts opt for clippers, but there’s something to be said about artistry with a blade. Gillian uses a razor to trim and feather hair around the nape of the neck and ears instead of clippers. Why? Clippers create hard lines. The razor helps create a soft, natural finish around the hair line.

Are you ready to work on some short hair? Watch Gillian’s tips and technique in action with this short haircut transformation video featuring products from Design Essentials:

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