Goodbye To Flat, Limp Hair: How To Increase Volume, Fullness & Body

Goodbye To Flat, Limp Hair: How To Increase Volume, Fullness & Body

Posted by Design Essentials on May 7th 2019

Does your hair constantly lack volume? Is it resistant to holding styles throughout the day? Does it get weighed down easily by hair products causing it to look flat or limp?

If you answered yes to any of these questions...Then keep reading to learn how to combat flat, limp hair with 3 easy volumizing tips - guaranteed to increase volume, fullness, and body!

Volumizing Tip #1: Always Use A Volumizing Hair Collection

Seems pretty cliché, right? But if your hair appears flat or limp (due to hair texture, over-processing, or thinning) always use a volumizing hair collection. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners work miracles for flat, limp hair (and fine or thin hair types) because they increase the intake of moisture around the hair shaft and plump the hair roots for instant body and thickness.

Product recommendations: Design EssentialsPlatinum Volumizing Collection.

Design Essentials Platinum Volume Collection.

Volumizing Tip #2: Choose The Right Styler

If your hair constantly falls flat or limp, we're going to make an educated guess that your hair texture is fine (to medium). Or you have thin density. As a result, your hair is easily weighed down by heavy products or overusing them. That said, it's important to choose appropriate stylers that enhance your hairs body and fullness yet doesn't weigh down your strands.

Here’s a few Do’s and Don’ts to follow when selecting your favorite volumizing stylers:

  • Don't use a leave-in conditioner after cleansing and conditioning if you have any doubt it may weigh your hair down before styling.
  • To protect against damage and breakage, do use Design Essentials Platinum Weightless Thermal Serum to prep your hair prior to blow-drying and thermal styling.
  • Do not use the Platinum Weightless Thermal Serum if you desire a wash and go or wet-set style. Instead, get your hands on our Design Essentials Platinum Styling Mousse and use a hair diffuser to create fullness and volume.

Volumizing Tip #3: Round Brush & Pin-Curl For Long-Lasting Body & Hold

This might be the most crucial step of all when combating flat, limp hair due to its resistance to volume and hold. So, we highly recommend our DE PRO TIP: Go BIG with a round brush and pin-curl technique to achieve a long-lasting full-body look!

Beautiful volume and texture created with a round brush and pin-curl technique.

Begin by blow-drying your hair using a low heat setting. Hold the blow-dryer away from your hair to avoid direct heat and to prevent over-straightening which can damage and flatten the hair. For maximum volume, blow-dry your hair in an upward motion using a round brush technique to get a voluminous finish.

Round Brush Demo

Do not flat-iron or silk-press the hair prior to curling. This will only cause it to appear sleek and flat.

After round brushing, take 1″ sections curling your hair with a curling iron or wand in the pattern of your choice - pin-curling as you go while the hair is still warm. To avoid damage, thermal tools should not exceed 375 degrees. Complete your entire head, then allow the hair to cool completely while the pin-curls are in place to set the curl.

Use your favorite curling iron or wand to achieve the perfect curl. 

DE PRO TIP: Let the curl rest in your hand for 3-5 seconds to retain curl memory before pin-curling.

Pin Curls

Secure the pin-curl with a double prong clip or bobby pin for best results.

Remove the pin-curls then finger style curls into desired style. For looser styles comb through the hair with a wide-tooth comb to relax the curl pattern. Use a light-to-medium hold spray to finish the style. If volume is still desired at the roots after styling, use a teasing brush or comb to create additional volume as needed!

Create as much volume as you desire with a little teasing brush action!

Maintain your new voluminous look by pin-curling your curls before bedtime and securing your crown with a satin bonnet. Restyle your curls in the morning to recreate fullness and body.

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