DE PRO: How To Prep & Protect Your Client's Bundles

DE PRO: How To Prep & Protect Your Client's Bundles

Posted by Design Essentials on Nov 22nd 2019

If you offer extension and wig services in your salon, you're very familiar with how lucrative these services are when clients trust you to maintain their weave investment (and we're not just talking about sew-in installations). Today's clients are scheduling bundle prep prior to their installation service to extend the beauty and wearability of their weaves.  So, keep reading to learn how to prep and protect your client's bundles.

Cleanse Bundles Prior To Extension Or Wig Services

Before providing any extension, clip-in, or wig service always begin with freshly shampooed bundles.  If your client is supplying their own extensions, require that they bring in the bundles a few days before their scheduled appointment.  This will give you enough time to cleanse and condition the hair with Design Essentials Natural Moroccan Oil Sulfate-Free Conditioning Shampoo - a gentle cleanser formulated with lightweight Argan Oil to refresh and moisturize synthetic and human extensions.  It also helps to eliminate extension tangling and reduces shedding. 

DE PRO TIP: To avoid matting and tangling NEVER shampoo extensions vigorously.  Instead later shampoo into the hair gently,  starting at the ends of the extensions working up to the weft. You can also use a Denman brush or wide-tooth comb to distribute the shampoo from roots to ends.

If your client insists on cleansing and conditioning their bundles themselves prior to the service - that's totally okay!  Encourage them to purchase the Design Essentials Natural Moroccan Oil Collection directly from your salon. (Yes, you can retail this collection) 

Allow Bundles To Air Dry...But If You Cant, Protect Them Against Thermal Tools 

If time permits (and to avoid unnecessary heat) allow extensions, clip-ins, or wigs to air-dry in the salon overnight.  But if blow-drying is inevitable, protect your client's bundles from damage with Design Essentials Natural Moroccan Oil Detangling Blow-Dry Conditioning Spray to help control frizz, add shine, and make hair more manageable while blow-drying.

Generously spray Design Essentials Natural Moroccan Oil Detangling Blow-Dry Conditioning Spray to extensions. Detangle strands to remove any knots and tangles.  Then blow-dry or air-dry extensions.

Beautiful, manageable finish after blow-drying curly extensions straight using steps 1 and 2 from Design Essentials Natural Moroccan Oil Collection.

Finish Style With Design Essentials Moroccan Oil Thermal Serum & Shine Spray

When finishing an extension or wig style that requires thermal hot tools, protect your client's investment with a lightweight heat protectant that locks moisture into the hair.  Using Design Essentials Moroccan Oil Thermal Serum before flat-ironing and curling will smooth the hair shaft, eliminate static, and give your client's bundles a professional high-gloss finish.  

DE PRO TIP: To avoid excessive heat damage and shedding always use low-temperature settings when styling synthetic and color-treated extensions. 

Finally, finish the style by applying an even mist of Design Essentials Moroccan Oil Shine Spray for that just left the salon natural luster! And make sure to pre-book your client's next extension maintenance appointment (3 - 6 weeks out) to keep their weave looking fresh using the 4 Step Design Essentials Moroccan Oil Collection.

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