3 New Products For Ponytails & Edges That'll Have You Serving

3 New Products For Ponytails & Edges That'll Have You Serving

Posted by Design Essentials on Nov 22nd 2019

Ponytails are all the hype right now! Sleeked edges (check). Baby hairs laid (check). Ponytail swaying and slaying (check). Sounds like a vibe, right? If you answered yes, then let DE help create your next ponytail style with 3 new products designed exclusively for ponytails and edges from our Design Essentials Platinum Styling & Finishing Collections.

#1: Design Essentials Platinum Braid & Ponytail Control Gel

Why you need it: Anyone can rock an ordinary ponytail. But not you! So, turn it up a notch this summer by incorporating volume and texture into your ponytail style with braids and twists. The Platinum Braid & Ponytail Control Gel helps to smooth braids and ponytails so your crown looks polished to perfection while guaranteeing style longevity throughout the day.

@bflyexperience takes this sleek low ponytail to the next level with a textured wrapped braid created at the base of the ponytail.

#2: Design Essentials Curl Control Thermal Glaze

Why you need it: To ensure your natural hair and extensions (if using them for your ponytail) are protected against heating tools when blending and thermal styling. Using a pea size amount of Design Essentials Platinum Curl Control Thermal Glaze on dry hair will help provide curl control and style memory so your finished style looks healthy and hydrated.

Recreate amazingly soft, beautiful curls within your ponytail style using Design Essentials Platinum Curl Control Thermal Glaze. Photo credit: @bflyexperience 

#3: Design Essentials Platinum Edge Control Gel

Why you need it: Our Platinum Edge Control Gel has a long-lasting hold ideal for medium and coarse hair textures yet is flexible enough to smooth edges and flyways into secure ponytail foundations. With sensitive edges in mind, it’s formulated with nourishing Marshmallow Extract to moisturize sensitive hairlines while adding a natural shine. Oh, and did we mention its bomb for styling baby hairs too!

@Naturallycurly slays the textured braid and smooth edges  - we love it!

Feeling inspired to create the perfect ponytail? Ask your stylist about purchasing these recommended Design Essentials Platinum Finishing products for ponytails and edges! Or visit designessentials.com for more information.

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